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More movement, less stress, more flow


You've come to the right place if you finally want to get off your stress hamster wheel and do what suits your body, soul and spirit.  It works to take care of yourself. Movement plays a very important role in all my offers.

  • you constantly have a bad conscience because you know that you should exercise more, but you simply cannot integrate regular exercise into your everyday life


  • you finally want to feel more comfortable in your own skin, but don't know how to go about it


  • despite a busy everyday life, you always feel an inner emptiness and would like to be in the flow much more often - preferably always

A conventional training plan is usually not the solution. Here it is important to get to the bottom of the causes and to change patterns and habits and create a different awareness.

In my programs we create awareness for your everyday life and your stressors. I accompany you step by step in an individual program lasting several weeks towards more movement, lightness and flow in your life. You will feel more comfortable in your body and your appearance will improve as well.

If you have become curious and feel addressed, please contact me for a free conversation. We talk about your situation and get to know each other. In doing so, we find out whether and in what way we want to work together.

Just send  me a Mail or chat with me.

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