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(September 2021)


A: Training Achievements

A1. object of performance

With his/her signature, the applicant declares his/her registration with Eva Rümmele, Sport und Mentaltraining and recognizes the legal validity of the registration. The components of the contract are

A2. Duration and billing of training services

A personal training session lasts 60 minutes. This period includes training with the customer (at the place of agreement). If a training hour is exceeded, an additional half hour will be charged for 15 minutes or more (proportionally to the price of the personal training session).

A3. Offers

Offers are valid for two weeks. Dates and prices can then be adjusted again. Blocks of 10 must be redeemed within six months. Justified exceptions for interruptions within this period are possible after consultation with Mag. Eva Rümmele, Sport and Mental Training.

A4. prices and payment

The prices for training and consulting services are generally determined by agreement. The fee varies depending on the requirements, scope and time of day. The offer made in each case applies. Travel costs / travel times outside of Vienna and the surrounding area, expenses, rent for rooms and equipment will be invoiced separately, unless otherwise agreed and stated in the offer. Costs for day tickets, membership fees, site fees or similar are to be borne by the customer. Payment is made in cash before the beginning of the lesson or in advance to the account notified to the customer.

A5. right to refuse performance

EVA RÜMMELE, SPORT UND MENTAL TRAINING is entitled to refuse to provide the agreed training services if the agreed fee is not paid on site before the start of the training session or is credited to the account previously notified to the customer before the start of the respective training session.

A6. Cancellation by the customer

The cancellation of agreed training dates by the customer is only permitted free of charge if this is done at least 48 hours before the agreed start of the training. Separate cancellation conditions apply to mountain bike group training courses, which will be sent when the course is booked. Cancellations that arrive later will be charged at 50%, within 24 hours at 100% of the training fee.


A7. Liability

• All customers are liable for self-inflicted accidents, damage to property, financial loss and personal injury.

• All customers should be healthy and fit enough for the training. I recommend a health check for fitness to do sports with a (sports) doctor in advance.

• Liability for personal injury is based on the statutory provisions.

• Claims for damage to property or financial losses suffered by the customer, in particular those resulting from culpable breach of contract, negligent tortious acts and consequential damage are excluded.

• This does not apply if liability is mandatory for legal reasons in cases of intent or gross negligence.

• EVA RÜMMELE, SPORT UND MENTAL TRAINING is not liable for damage caused by customers to third parties.

• EVA RÜMMELE, SPORT UND MENTAL TRAINING is not liable for damage resulting from the practical application or misuse of the techniques taught.


A8. confidentiality

The customer undertakes to maintain secrecy about any business and trade secrets of EVA RÜMMELE, SPORT UND MENTAL TRAINING, even after the termination of the contractual relationship. EVA RÜMMELE, SPORT UND MENTAL TRAINING has to maintain secrecy about all customer information that has become known in connection with the fulfillment of the personal training, even after the termination of the contractual relationship.

A9. other agreements

Both parties recognize arrangements and agreements on the booking of training services as binding, provided they have been confirmed by both parties. This applies to all means of communication used, such as telephone or email.

A10. Jurisdiction Agreement

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement and in connection with the General Terms and Conditions is Vienna. The contractual relationship is subject to Austrian law.

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